Ash Tsai Ethnicity | Bio, Age, Measurements, Husband, Net Worth & More Information You Need To Know

Ash Tsai Ethnicity

Introducing Ash Tsai, a budding talent behind the scenes as well as on screen. Ash was born on a bright August 4, 1997, in the energetic metropolis of Taipei, Taiwan. Her path has led her from Taiwan’s busy streets to Los Angeles’s varied neighborhoods. She discovered her love for storytelling there, among the palm trees and Hollywood aspirations.

Ash is currently balancing her studies at Berkeley University, where she is pursuing her academic goals and absorbing up knowledge. Not only that, but as a Research Fellow at Taipei City’s Unico Cell Biomed, she’s also making waves in the field of research, delving into the intriguing domains of science and discovery.

But Ash isn’t just confined to the lab. She has dabbled in a variety of industries with her versatile skill set, including the computing behemoth Microsoft and the cosmetics powerhouse L’Oréal. She is currently working at Unilever as an Associate Product Manager, where she is influencing the direction of consumer goods with her creative ideas.

Ash has unending energy and a voracious curiosity that make her a formidable force. You’ll want to keep Ash Tsai in mind whether she’s writing compelling films, delving into the wonders of the cosmos in the lab, or leading ground-breaking projects in the business sector.

Ash Tsai Ethnicity & Biography

Allow me to present to you Ash Tsai, a rising star in the entertainment world who is a gifted actress and writer from Taiwan. Ash was raised in Taipei, Taiwan, and his journey began there. But things took an interesting turn for the better when she and her family decided to move from their own nation to the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles.

A child of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, Ash was fascinated by the power of narrative. Her love of writing and acting intensified daily as a result of her new home’s rich cultural diversity and limitless options.

Now, Ash is adamant about making her own way in the entertainment industry as she moves through the busy streets of Los Angeles. She is prepared to take on any task that comes her way thanks to her limitless inventiveness and unflinching resolve, making an unforgettable impression on viewers everywhere.


Full NameAshley Tsai
Nick NameAsh
Date of BirthAugust 4, 1997
Age27 years
Birth PlaceTaipei, Taiwan
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
ReligionNot Known
ProfessionActress, Writer
College/UniversityCarnegie Mellon University
Net Worth$500K – $1 million as per 2024
Marital StatusUnmarried
DebutShort: Cold Creek (2021) TV Movie: A Model Christmas (2023)

Ash Tsai | Early Years and Education

While Ash Tsai prefers to keep her early life under wraps, she’s an open book when it comes to her academic journey. After all, education is something she holds dear. Ash studied communication for her bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington, where she was a knowledge sponge.

Her curiosity for learning didn’t end there, though. Ash continued on to Carnegie Mellon University to get a Master’s degree in Entertainment Industry Management, delving further into the intriguing realm where business and creativity collide. It is evident that Ash’s educational journey has given her the abilities and information required to succeed in her professional endeavors.

Ash Tsai | Date of Birth

In the center of Taipei, Taiwan, on a bright August 4, 1997, Ash Tsai first opened her eyes to the outside world. Her tale, though, expanded beyond the confines of her origin. Ash set off on a voyage with her family, traveling across oceans to reach the United States. That was where Ash’s story really started to take shape—in a brand-new country brimming with opportunity and promise.

Ash Tsai | Age

Ash Tsai Age 27 years.

Ash Tsai | Measurements

Ash Tsai carries herself with grace and stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches, a presence that commands attention wherever she goes. Her captivating dark brown eyes seem to hold a world of stories, framed by her luscious black hair that cascades effortlessly around her shoulders. With a figure that boasts measurements of 32-26-32, Ash exudes confidence in every step she takes. Despite her petite frame, she carries herself with strength and poise, weighing around 48 kilograms.

Ash Tsai | A Stellar Beginning

Ash Tsai kickstarted her journey in the entertainment industry with two powerful short films: “Cold Creek” (2021) and “Driverless” (2022). These early projects served as a platform to showcase her immense talent and versatility as an actress, hinting at the bright future awaiting her. In “Cold Creek,” she brought the character of Justine Hahn to life, captivating audiences with her portrayal. Then, in “Driverless,” Ash mesmerized viewers once again with her portrayal of Sylvia, proving her ability to embody diverse roles with ease and finesse.

Ash Tsai | Noteworthy Works

In addition to her short films, Ash has expanded her portfolio with the TV movie “A Model Christmas” (2023), where she stepped into the shoes of Cali Caldwell. But Ash isn’t just limited to acting; she’s a true creative force. She’s also the mastermind behind “DNA Dad,” showcasing her diverse talents and multifaceted contributions to the entertainment industry.

Ash Tsai | The Journey to Christmas

In 2023, Ash Tsai landed a role in the movie “Journey to Christmas” on the GAC channel. The storyline follows a charity trip where Ash’s character, a model named Tsai, finds herself stranded at the Heyworth family house due to bad weather. What starts as an inconvenience turns into a heartwarming tale of unexpected connections, as Tsai forms a special bond with the family’s driver over the course of a week.

Ash Tsai | Personal Life Behind the Curtain

When it comes to her personal life, Ash Tsai is renowned for keeping things secret. She would rather not discuss specifics regarding her relationships, family, or other private matters. She appears to be totally committed to honing her skill and negotiating the ups and downs of her burgeoning career in the entertainment sector.

Ash Tsai | Husband

Tommy Liu

Ash Tsai | Dating Anyone

Since Ash Tsai hasn’t made any indications about dating or being married, it appears that she is traveling alone for the time being. She is obviously devoting all of her efforts to her work and, at this point, putting her own development ahead of relationships. She doesn’t share many adorable couple pictures on social media since she keeps her private life very private.

Regarding her romantic life, Ash remains enigmatic. She has never engaged in any dating scandals or controversies, nor has she disclosed to the media any information about her past or current relationships. She appears to have deliberately chosen to maintain total separation between her personal and professional lives.

Ash Tsai | Career

Ash Tsai kicked off her career with two impressive short films: “Cold Creek” in 2021, where she portrayed Justine Hahn, and “Driverless” in 2022, where she took on the role of Sylvia.

Now, Ash is gearing up for her next ventures, including the TV series “DNA Dad” and the TV movie “A Model Christmas.” But her talents don’t stop at acting. She’s also the creative mind behind “DNA Dad,” showcasing her skills as a writer.

Ash held a variety of positions prior to becoming well-known in the entertainment sector, including intern, sales associate, front desk receptionist, account coordinator, and coordinator for social media and music. She is a true jack of all trades, and her success has surely been shaped by her many experiences.

Ash Tsai Net Worth

Ash Tsai has truly carved out her place in the entertainment world! From acting and writing to directing and modeling, she’s dipped her toes into various aspects of showbiz. And with all these talents under her belt, she’s gathered an estimated net worth of around $300 thousand. Clearly, her dedication has paid off, letting her enjoy a pretty comfortable life.

Ash Tsai Social Media

Even though she keeps her personal life low-key, Ash Tsai loves connecting with her fans on social media. Instagram,Twitter,Facebook, and other social media sites are where you may find glimpses into her life. She is the embodiment of the easygoing California way of life, particularly in her home base of Los Angeles, with her beautiful dark brown eyes and sleek black hair.

Social Media PlatformLink
InstagramClick Here
TwitterClick Here
FacebookClick Here

Ash Tsai movies

Movies TitleRoleYear
Journey to Christmas (GAC Movie)Cast: Ash Tsai and Joey HeyworthOctober 29, 2023
DNA DadAshUpcoming
Western AvenueRiley2023
DriverlessSylvia (as Ashley Tsai)2022
Cold CreekJustine Hahn (as Ashley Tsai)2021


  • Birth and Early Life: Ash Tsai was born on August 4, 1997, in Taipei, Taiwan, and later moved to Los Angeles with her family.
  • Education: She studied communication at the University of Washington for her bachelor’s degree and pursued a Master’s degree in Entertainment Industry Management at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Career: Ash has ventured into acting, writing, and research, showcasing her versatility in various industries, including entertainment, technology, and biomedicine.
  • Notable Works: She has starred in short films like “Cold Creek” and “Driverless,” as well as the TV movie “Journey to Christmas.”
  • Personal Life: Ash prefers to keep her personal life private and has not disclosed information about her relationships or family publicly.


Ash Tsai, a rising talent in the entertainment industry, hails from Taipei, Taiwan, but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Born on August 4, 1997, she has immersed herself in various fields, including acting, writing, and research. Ash’s educational background includes studies at the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon University. She has made notable appearances in short films like “Cold Creek” and “Driverless,” as well as the TV movie “Journey to Christmas.” While she keeps her personal life private, her professional endeavors and creative projects continue to captivate audiences.


What is Ash Tsai’s ethnicity?

Ash Tsai is Taiwanese by nationality and was born in Taipei, Taiwan.

What is Ash Tsai’s educational background?

Ash studied communication at the University of Washington for her bachelor’s degree and pursued a Master’s degree in Entertainment Industry Management at Carnegie Mellon University.

What are some of Ash Tsai’s notable works?

Ash has appeared in short films like “Cold Creek” and “Driverless,” as well as the TV movie “Journey to Christmas.”

Is Ash Tsai active on social media?

Yes, Ash Tsai engages with her fans on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

What is Ash Tsai’s net worth?

Ash Tsai’s estimated net worth is around $300,000 as of 2024.

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