Who is Big Meech’s Daughter: How many kids does he have?

Big Meech's Daughter

Big Meech, the man behind the infamous Black Mafia family, played a key role in America’s drug trafficking and money laundering operations in the late 1980s through the early 2000s. His illegal activities are good news, but little is known about his private life, especially around children.

Big Meech’s number of children is unknown, however one of his daughters has generated some curiosity. Unfortunately, not much is known about her, so we have more questions than answers. The mystique surrounding this notorious persona is further enhanced by its alluring nature.

Despite the headlines and speculation surrounding his criminal activities, Big Meech’s family life remains hidden from public view. The enigmatic persona of this man leaves us with many unanswered questions about the person behind the legend.

Where is Big Meech’s Daughter?

The whereabouts of Big Meech’s daughter Nika remain a mystery to this day. His mother is believed to have raised him on the sleuthing community. As she grows into an adult, Nika seems to choose to maintain her privacy and not let her life grow, despite her curiosity, she manages to remain invisible, leading to a concerning his father’s estate is included.

Big Meech’s Daughter Neeka

There’s not much information out there about Big Meech’s daughter, Neeka. The notorious crime figure has never openly acknowledged his supposed daughters, and the only confirmation linking Neeka to Big Meech comes from the Black Mafia Family series.

According to the series and a few online sources, Lori Walker is identified as the mother of Big Meech’s daughter. The show depicts Lori as a single mother, fiercely committed to giving her child the best upbringing possible despite the challenges she faces.

Manessa Mia Hussey

It’s been hinted on social media, particularly through Big Meech’s mother’s posts, that Manessa Mia Hussey is indeed Big Meech’s daughter. However, Manessa herself hasn’t come forward to confirm this. According to available sources, Manessa was born on July 2, 1989, but apart from that, details about her life are scarce. She remains a mysterious figure, with little information available about her beyond this.

Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory

There’s a woman who goes by the name Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory, who has asserted that she is Big Meech’s daughter. She even created a Twitter account under the handle @BMFMeechDaughta. However, this account has been silent since 2012, and there hasn’t been any official confirmation that she is indeed Big Meech’s daughter. The situation remains unclear, leaving room for speculation but lacking concrete evidence to support her claim.

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Demetrius Edward Flenory Jr.

Demetrius Edward Flenory Jr. is the only son of Big Meech that has been verified. Demetrius chose not to lead a life of crime, in contrast to his father. Rather, he experimented with acting and rapping in the entertainment business. His claim to fame stems from his role portraying his father in rapper 50 Cent’s black mafia family story adaptation series. Through his career in the entertainment industry, Demetrius has carved his own distance from his father’s criminal legacy.

How many kids does Lil Meech have?

Lil Meech, Demetrius Jr., has gained some attention following the December 8, 2023, appearance of a recorded chat on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page. Lil Meech is seen in the video supposedly answering a question about whether he has children by saying that he is expecting one. This news would mark Lil Meech’s first foray into fatherhood, but his former partner, Summer Walker, made it clear that the baby isn’t hers.

Summer chimed in after the video’s release, mentioning a “different cousin,” which seems to refer to Lil Meech’s past indiscretions and explanations. Earlier, Lil Meech was caught on a ring camera entering another woman’s house, claiming she was his cousin and he was just helping with groceries. However, fans quickly noticed there were no bags in sight.

Summer took to her Instagram to address the situation, hinting that Lil Meech had pursued her for two years only to later humiliate her “to the world.” The cheating allegations ultimately led to their breakup.

Who is Big Meech?

Demetrius Edward, better known as Big Meech, came into this world on June 21, 1968 in Detroit, Michigan to Charles and Lucille Flanory. He shared his upbringing with siblings Terry Lee and Nicole. In his high school years in Detroit, Big Meech started peddling drugs on the streets, which marked the beginning of his criminal career. As time went on, his role in drug trafficking and money laundering across the country earned him notoriety.

Big Meech’s Biography

Due to his criminal adventures, Big Meech became well-known throughout the United States and became associated with illegal activity. His life biography is well chronicled, depicting a life full with illicit activities. But Big Meech had a mysterious and secretive life up to his 2005 arrest. The glimpses we have of his past paint an ambitious, daring, and unrelenting picture of a man driven by the desire for power and fortune, even though much of it is still unknown.

Big Meech’s Age

Big Meech, the former drug kingpin, came into this world on June 21, 1968, which means he turned 55 in 2023. With his birthday falling under the sign of Cancer, he’s believed to possess traits like determination, loyalty, and emotional depth, characteristics that may have influenced his life’s journey.

Who is Big Meech’s Wife?

The American businessman has never tied the knot, so there’s no wife in the picture. However, he does have a baby mama named Latarra Eutsey, who happens to be Lil Meech’s mother.

Rumor has it that Latarra works as a real estate agent in Florida, USA. She is allegedly associated with a business that deals with both residential and commercial real estate. We don’t know much about her current projects, which is unfortunate given that her Twitter account hasn’t been active since 2019.

Who is Nicole Flenory?

The sister of the notorious combo Big Meech and Southwest T, Nicole Flenory, followed a different career route. Nicole, who was born in Dartmouth, Detroit, in 1974, chose not to become a criminal like her brothers.

She chose to become a TV producer, decorator, and interior designer instead. Although portions of Nicole’s early upbringing are depicted in 50 Cent’s Black Mafia Family series, Nicole would like to remain anonymous. You may get a peek of her everyday life on her Instagram profile, if that piques your interest.

Does Nicole Flenory have kids?

With two boys, Demetrius Steele and Dillan Steele, Nicole is a proud mother. Nicole isn’t afraid to share important occasions on social media, such birthdays and other anniversaries, even though not much is known about them. She never misses a chance to boast about her boys and her obvious love for her family.

How many kids does Terry Flenory have?

It’s reported that Terry Flenoy, also known as Southwest T, has one confirmed child: his son, Terry Lee Flenory Jr. Despite being part of a high-profile family, not much is known about Terry Jr. as his parents have chosen to keep him out of the public eye. However, if you’re interested in keeping up with Southwest T and his wife, Tonesa Welch, you can follow them on their social media pages.

As for Big Meech’s daughter Neeka and any other alleged daughters, there’s very little information available about their lives. Big Meech prefers to keep his children away from the public eye, making it difficult to provide any insight into their personal lives.


  • Identity and Privacy: The identity of Big Meech’s daughter remains largely undisclosed, adding to the mystery surrounding his personal life.
  • Limited Information: There’s little information available about Big Meech’s daughter, with only speculative mentions in various sources.
  • Social Media Hints: Some social media posts, particularly from Big Meech’s mother, hint at the existence of a daughter named Manessa Mia Hussey, but there’s been no official confirmation from her.
  • Unconfirmed Claims: A woman named Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory has claimed to be Big Meech’s daughter, but her assertions lack concrete evidence.
  • Series Reference: The Black Mafia Family series briefly mentions Neeka as Big Meech’s daughter, with Lori Walker identified as her mother, but details about her life are scarce.


Big Meech, the infamous figure behind the Black Mafia Family, has a daughter whose identity remains a mystery. While there are speculative mentions and hints on social media, concrete information about her is lacking. The enigmatic persona of Big Meech extends to his family life, leaving many unanswered questions.


1. Who is Big Meech’s daughter?

Big Meech’s daughter’s identity remains undisclosed, with various speculative mentions but no confirmed details.

2. What is known about Big Meech’s daughter?

Very little is known about her, with limited references and speculative hints on social media.

3. Is there any confirmation of Big Meech’s daughter’s identity?

No, there has been no official confirmation of Big Meech’s daughter’s identity.

4. Why is there so much secrecy surrounding Big Meech’s daughter?

Big Meech has kept his family life private, leading to speculation and mystery surrounding his daughter’s identity.

5. Are there any social media profiles or public appearances of Big Meech’s daughter?

There have been hints on social media, but no confirmed public profiles or appearances of Big Meech’s daughter.

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