Billy Carson Net Worth: Career, Biography, Age, Height, Personal Life, Education & More Information

Billy Carson Net Worth


The CEO or Owner of 4biddenknowledge is Billy Carson, a well-known actor, musician, producer, director, TV host, and author. Known for writing critically acclaimed novels like The Compendium of the Emerald and Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke.

Billy Carson presently presents his network 4biddenknowledge TV in addition to being an expert host on TV networks such as DDTV, Science Channel, Travel Channel, Gaia, and Discovery Channel. In addition to serving as the CEO of 4biddenknowledge TV, he is the owner of the following businesses: American Compassionate Care, First Class Space Agency, Zenforce Media, and Inc.

Billy Carson Net Worth

Billy Carson’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $6 million.

Billy Carson accumulated this wealth by working as a writer, musician, television personality, businessman, and specialist in historical civilizations.

In order to begin his profession, Billy Carson founded the non-profit in 2008; this organisation is well-known for providing girls with high school basketball recruitment.

After being named CEO of Fort Terra Nova in 2010, Billy Carson held the role for four years.

While employed by this organisation, he managed to collect a $20,000,000 fund and collaborated with architects and construction workers to establish a subterranean metropolis in northwest Georgia.

In the same year, he became president of Zenforce Media. Billy Carson launched the Knowledge For Ascension blog in 2012, which subsequently grew into the 4biddenknowledge TV network.

On, programs and films that inspire viewers to examine the world from different angles are often broadcast.

Who Is Billy Carson?

Author, musician, TV personality, businessman, and authority on ancient civilizations Billy Carson, real name Billy Camrick Carson II, is an American.

Sept. 4, 1971, was his birthday in Queens, New York. Billy Carson completed his high school education in the Miami neighborhoods where he was raised.

Beginning at the tender age of twelve, he worked as a paperboy for the Miami News, putting money down to purchase digital car stereos and launch a wholesale company. As a seasoned serial entrepreneur, Billy Carson was 16 years old at this point.

He completed his certification in Neuroscience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017, and in 2019 he enrolled at Harvard University to study Ancient Civilizations.

Billy Carson Children

Billy Carson’s early life circumstances influenced his personality and strengthened his will to succeed. He gained perseverance in the face of difficulties and learnt how to triumph over adversity. These early life lessons served as the cornerstone for his subsequent successes. Over his early years, Billy Carson became passionate about invention and entrepreneurship. His aspiration was to make the future better for himself and everyone in his vicinity. Later on, same motivation would help him launch his own profitable businesses and establish himself as a reputable person in the business community.

Billy Carson Wiki

Full NameBilly Carson
Known AsActor, Musician, Producer, Director, TV Host, Author
BirthdateSeptember 4, 1971
BirthplaceQueens, New York
EducationHigh School (New York); Certification in Neuroscience from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2017); Enrollment at Harvard University for Ancient Civilizations studies (2019)
Entrepreneurial VenturesMiami News paperboy at age 12; Digital car stereo wholesale business at age 16
Businesses Owned– American Compassionate Care – First Class Space Agency – Zenforce Media – Inc. – Fort Terra Nova (CEO)
ChildrenApril Carson (daughter)
FamilyFather: Billy Carson Sr. Mother: Ingrid Carson
Career Highlights– Founded SheCanPlay.Org in 2006 – Became CEO of Fort Terra Nova – President of Zenforce Media – Host of 4biddenknowledge TV – Author of “The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets” – Featured in various films and TV series such as Anunnaki Chronicles, UFOs: The Lost Evidence, Ancient Civilizations, and Beyond Belief with George Noory
Net Worth$6 million (as of 2023)
ResidenceMonroeville, Alabama
Social Media Followers– Instagram: 287k plus – Facebook: 64k – Linkedin: 6k plus – Youtube: 604k plus – Twitter: 34k plus – Youtube (4biddenknowledge): 604k plus

Billy Carson Education

Billy Carson’s educational background shows that he had finished high school in New York. Carson began working for Miami News as a newspaper boy when he was twelve years old.

Billy Carson was very interested in understanding the fundamentals of history as an adult. That was also the time he applied to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Neuroscience certification program in 2017.

Billy Carson submitted an application to Harvard University to take an Ancient Civilizations course two years later.

Billy Carson began his entrepreneurial career by investing in the digital vehicle audio after accumulating money. He then launched their wholesale. When Carson was sixteen, he started his own business.

Recent reports from 2017 indicate that Billy Carson attended M.I.T. It was there that he finished the Neuroscience certification program. Updates from 2019 indicate that he may have enrolled at Harvard University to study ancient civilization.

As time goes on, 4biddenknowledge has grown in popularity. Billy Carson hosts the original streaming series. He is the “Best Selling” author of “The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets.” It is Deep Space and it is made by Gaia. The films and television series featuring Billy Carson include Anunnaki Chronicles, UFOs: The Lost Evidence, Ancient Civilizations, and Beyond Belief with George Noory.

Billy Carson Age, Height & Weight

Billy Carson birthday is September 4, 1971. In 2023, he will be 52 years old.

Age52 years old
Height6 feet 4 inches
WeightAround 70 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Body TypeNormal
Sexual OrientationStraight

Billy Carson Personal Life

Billy Carson spouse is Evelyn. They sit on the porch with animals and live with their dog in their hometown of Monroeville, Alabama.

Billy Carson Family

Billy Carson’s father, Billy Carson Sr., is considered to be the family’s parent; however, the mother’s Ingrid Carson. In addition to being the parents of a dog, Billy Carson Bond is married to Evelyn Sitting. Regarding Billy Carson’s offspring, April Carson is considered to be the daughter.

Billy Carson Career

Billy Carson founded SheCanPlay.Org in 2006; it is a non-governmental organisation that he first sponsored entirely with his funds. The group was established with the aim of gathering information on high school basketball for females. To everyone’s amazement, the amount of support they received was beyond their expectations, and their drive was a huge success.

Benefiting from the former’s success, Billy Carson was able to become CEO of Fort Terra Nova, an organisation that develops, constructs, and produces subterranean catastrophe shelter systems for use all over the world. In addition, Billy Carson collected $20 million over his four years with the firm with the intention of establishing an underground metropolis in Northwest Georgia. Billy Carson also assumed the role of president of Zenforce Media at this same period.

Billy Carson Movies and TV Shows

  • Chronicles of the Anunnaki
  • Beyond belief with George Noory
  • U.F.O.s: The Lost Evidence
  • Ancient Civilizations. 
  • Pick Your Poison by Anjolique
  • Avatar
  • Donny Arcade: Anunnaki
  • False Flaggin
  • The Key of Wisdom 
  • Follow Me Live
  • Halls of Amenti
  • Life Beyond Our Existence
  • DocUFObia
  • What If
  • Raw JUCE
  • Event of My Demise
  • Black Knight Satellite and the Untold Story
  • Chronicles of the Annunaki
  • Judicial Injustice
  • Goo See the World
  • Different Reactions
  • Alone

Billy Carson Relationship

According to reports from Billy Carson’s girlfriend, Evelyn is the man’s wife. They share a house in Monroeville, Alabama, and live together.

Billy Carson Social Media

Billy Carson Much of his net worth comes from his extensive social media network.

Social Media AppFollowers
Instagram287k plus
Linkedin6k plus
Youtube604k plus
Twitter34k plus
Youtube (4biddenknowledge)604k plus


  1. Multi-Talented Personality: Billy Carson is a versatile individual known for his roles as an actor, musician, producer, director, TV host, and author.
  1. Notable Works: He is recognized for his critically acclaimed novels such as “The Compendium of the Emerald” and “Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke.”
  1. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Carson is not only involved in the entertainment industry but also owns several businesses including American Compassionate Care, First Class Space Agency, Zenforce Media, and Inc.
  1. Educational Background: He completed his high school education in New York and further pursued certifications in Neuroscience from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2017. Later, in 2019, he enrolled at Harvard University to study Ancient Civilizations.
  1. Family Life: Billy Carson is married to Evelyn and they reside in Monroeville, Alabama, along with their daughter April Carson.
  1. Career Highlights: Carson founded SheCanPlay.Org in 2006, a non-governmental organization aimed at providing opportunities for girls in high school basketball recruitment. He later became the CEO of Fort Terra Nova and served as the president of Zenforce Media.
  1. Author and TV Host: He is the author of “The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets” and hosts the original streaming series on 4biddenknowledge TV.
  1. Net Worth: As of 2023, Billy Carson’s estimated net worth is $6 million, accumulated through his various roles as a writer, musician, television personality, businessman, and specialist in historical civilizations.


Billy Carson is a multi-talented individual known for his diverse roles in the entertainment industry. From writing critically acclaimed novels to hosting TV shows and running successful businesses, Carson has made a significant impact. His entrepreneurial ventures, educational background, and family life contribute to his well-rounded persona. With a notable net worth, Carson continues to inspire and engage audiences through his work.


What is Billy Carson’s full name?

Billy Carson’s full name is Billy Camrick Carson II.

When and where was Billy Carson born?

Billy Carson was born on September 4, 1971, in Queens, New York.

What is Billy Carson’s educational background?

He completed his high school education in New York and holds certifications in Neuroscience from MIT (2017) and Ancient Civilizations studies from Harvard University (2019).

What businesses does Billy Carson own?

Billy Carson owns several businesses including American Compassionate Care, First Class Space Agency, Zenforce Media, and Inc.

What is Billy Carson’s net worth?

As of 2023, Billy Carson’s estimated net worth is $6 million.

Where does Billy Carson reside?

Billy Carson resides in Monroeville, Alabama, with his wife Evelyn and their daughter April Carson.

What are Billy Carson’s social media followers count?

Billy Carson has a substantial following on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter, with varying follower counts on each platform.

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