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Cissy Lynn, a talented singer-songwriter from the US, really made a name for herself with her awesome album called “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter.” She’s got these amazing singles like “I Know How,” “Lonesome Town,” and “Was It Love or Whiskey Talkin’” that really show off her musical chops. And you know what’s cool? She’s 70 years old and happens to be the daughter of the legendary country music star Loretta Lynn and her late husband, Oliver Lynn.

Cissy Lynn Age & Biography

Cissy Lynn, born Clara Marie “Cissie” Lynn on April 7, 1952, came into the world in Butcher Hollow, Pennsylvania, USA. She proudly identifies as white when it comes to her heritage, yet she is fundamentally American. She will turn 70 in 2023, and she has seen a lot in her time.

Her ancestry is also noteworthy, as she is the daughter of Loretta Lynn’s and Oliver Lynn, two well-known figures.  Her mom’s a well-respected songwriter, and her dad, Oliver, made waves in the industry as a talent manager.

Growing up, she did her school days at Waverly Central High School in Waverly, Tennessee. It’s part of the Humphreys County School System and played a big role in shaping her early years.

What Does Cissy Lynn Do For Living?

Crissy might not be as big a name in the music scene as her mom, but she’s definitely made a mark of her own. She fell in love with music when she was just a kid, learning the ropes from a singer. She’s got that country music vibe going strong, just like her famous mom.

Teaming up with her husband, John Beams, and with guidance from her mom, she put out a bunch of albums. One of their cool projects was covering some of Loretta Lynn’s awesome hits. They were a dynamic duo, hitting the road and playing alongside John’s local band for years. Their shows were a blast, belting out tunes from Conway Twitty and George Jones that just lit up the nights.

Crissy even dropped her own album called “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter” with nine awesome tracks. Songs like “Memories Get in the Way,” “Letter to Loretta,” “Boomerang,” and “Should I Stop Dreamin’” really stand out.

And get this, she’s now running her own music store called Cissie Lynn’s Country Store & Music Barn. Shows how much she’s dedicated to keeping the music alive and kicking!

Cissy Lynn Siblings

Cissy Lynn is one of six siblings, part of a big family where she has five brothers and sisters. Sadly, two of them, Betty Sue Lynn and Jack Benny Lynn, have passed away.

Betty, the oldest among the siblings, passed away at 64 because of emphysema. Jack, Cissy’s older brother, had a tragic accident while he was working with horses and doing blacksmithing at the ranch. He was riding a horse on the property in Hurricane Mills when he drowned in the Duck River during a horseback crossing.

Apart from Betty and Jack, Cissy has three other siblings who are still around. Her younger brother, Ernest Ray Lynn, was born on May 27, 1954. She also has two older sisters, Peggy and Patsy Lynn. From what reports say, the three of them share a deep love for music and are actively involved in the family’s musical pursuits.

Cissy Lynn’s Husband

At 70, Cissy Lynn’s found happiness in her marriage. She tied the knot with John Beams in a small, private ceremony. John, remember, is not just her hubby but also a singer-songwriter rocking it out with the local band, The Black River Band.

They’re pretty private about their personal lives, so not much is out there about whether they have kids or not. Before John, Cissy was married to a guy named Garry Lyell, but that didn’t last long and ended in divorce. Garry moved on and got hitched again, but sadly, his second wife passed away in 2016. Tough times.

Cissy Lynn’s Net Worth

You know, being the daughter of a famous singer like Cissie Lynn has its perks. She’s definitely had quite a life thanks to her mom’s fame. And hey, she’s done pretty well for herself! According to reports from August 2023, she is reportedly valued approximately $1.5 million. But it’s obvious where she got her business sense when you compare it to her mother Loretta Lynn, who has an incredible net worth of almost $65 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth!

Loretta Lynn, the mother of Cissie Lynn, entered into marriage at the age of 19

Loretta, Cissie’s mom, took the plunge into marriage pretty young. She was just 19 when she married Oliver Lynn on January 10, 1948. What’s surprising is they had only known each other for a month before deciding to tie the knot.

In her book, “Still Woman Enough,” published in 2002, Loretta opened up about some tough times. She talked about how Oliver was unfaithful, even leaving her once when she was giving birth. They had their fair share of arguments, but Loretta made it clear that Oliver never got physical.

Despite all the ups and downs, they stuck it out for about fifty years until Oliver passed away. It was a tough blow when he died on August 22, 1996, just five days before hitting 70. He had health issues, including diabetes, and that’s what ultimately led to heart failure. They laid him to rest on the family property in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Tough times for the family.

Where is Cissy Lynn Now?

Even though she might not be as big a name as her mom, Cissy has carved out her own spot in the music scene. Her love for music, thanks to her mom’s influence, has been the driving force behind her journey. She’s making waves in country music, and her story is all about staying true to her passion and following in her mom’s footsteps.

Final Words

Cissy Lynn, daughter of the famous Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn, has definitely left her mark in the music scene. Born in Butcher Hollow, Pennsylvania, on April 7, 1952, she grew up surrounded by her mom’s musical influence, and you can see that love for music shining through in everything she does.

She’s been super active in the music scene, dropping records alongside her husband, John Beams, and hitting the road with their band. Plus, she’s also the proud owner of Cissie Lynn’s Country Store & Music Barn, keeping her roots firmly planted in the world of music.

Even though she’s faced some tough personal times, losing siblings like Betty Sue and Jack Benny Lynn, she’s kept the music alive, jamming with her siblings Ernest Ray, Peggy, and Patsy Lynn.

Her album “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter,” featuring hits like “I Know How,” “Lonesome Town,” and “Was It Love or Whisky Talkin’,” really shows off her musical chops.

At 70, she might not be in the spotlight as much, but she’s a respected figure in country music. Her story’s all about how her mom’s music shaped her journey and how she’s stayed committed to carrying on that musical legacy.

Her dedication to music not only honors her family’s musical heritage but also reflects her own passion for the craft. Cissy Lynn’s still on that musical path, staying true to her love for music and keeping that legacy alive and kicking.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Cissy Lynn?

Cissy Lynn is a renowned singer and songwriter from the United States. She gained recognition for her musical talent and is widely acknowledged as the daughter of country music icon Loretta Lynn and her late husband, Oliver Lynn.

What is Cissy Lynn known for?

Cissy Lynn is known for her contributions to the music industry. Despite not reaching the same level of fame as her mother, she has released albums, performed alongside her husband and a local band, and managed her music store, Cissie Lynn’s Country Store & Music Barn.

What are some notable songs or albums by Cissy Lynn?

Cissy Lynn’s album “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter” features standout tracks like “I Know How,” “Lonesome Town,” and “Was It Love or Whiskey Talkin’.” These songs showcase her musical prowess and dedication to the country music genre.

Who are Cissy Lynn’s siblings?

Cissy Lynn is part of a family of six siblings. Two of her siblings, Betty Sue Lynn and Jack Benny Lynn, tragically passed away. Her surviving siblings include Ernest Ray Lynn, Peggy Lynn, and Patsy Lynn, all of whom share a passion for music.

What is known about Cissy Lynn’s personal life?

Cissy Lynn married John Beams, a singer-songwriter and member of the local band The Black River Band, in a private ceremony. Prior to John Beams, she was previously married to Garry Lyell. Not much is publicly known about her personal life beyond her musical career and family connections.

What is Cissy Lynn’s net worth?

Music and other businesses have earned Cissy Lynn $1.5 million as of August 2023. However, Celebrity Net Worth indicates that her mother, Loretta Lynn, is worth $65 million.

Where is Cissy Lynn now?

At 70, Cissy Lynn remains active in music, albeit quietly. Her trip shows her enthusiasm for music and her family’s musical tradition. She owns a music store.

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