Gifts for Him: What’s Missing in the Man Cave

Man Cave

Even if your guy is typically the life of the party, he likely appreciates some down time. Does he have a special spot in the house or garage that he enjoys getting away to unwind, relax, and decompress? Then it sounds like he’s a proud owner of a man cave.

What is a Man Cave?

The idea of man caves has been around for years. In the beginning, wives would push their husbands to the garage, encouraging them to leave all their manly goods outside of their pristine houses. Times have definitely progressed, and men have worked their way back indoors. Today, a man cave is simply any room or space that he calls his own, a place to drink beer with the boys, shoot some stick, or watch TV. A place he can jazz up with sports-themed décor and a favorite recliner chair. It’s simply a place where he is free to be him.

Man Cave Ideas

Not sure where to start with man cave gifts? Look no further because we have you covered with everything from décor and sports memorabilia ideas to bar gifts and more.

Décor and Personalization

The best man caves are the ones that reflect the true personality of the owner. What better way to do that than with personalized décor. If your guy is more Norm than Frasier from Cheers, consider a personalized bar sign that will ensure all his friends know his name. Make it neon and they will be begging you for one, too.

Does he have a full bar set up in the basement? Personalized bar stools customized with his favorite team logo on them make a unique gift. If he loves both college and professional teams, select a few of his favorites and mix them up for a truly customized present.

Does your man love bar games? Personalized dart boards, corn hole or custom playing cards are sure to impress. If you really want to wow him, a billiards table with a bespoke billiards room sign is sure to knock his socks off.

Bar and Beverage Essentials

Continuing with the theme of personalization, there is nothing cooler than a set of pint glasses with your favorite team logo etched on them. Is he a neat freak who hates water rings? Personalized coasters are definitely the way to go.

If mixology is his thing, consider a mixology kit that includes everything he needs to create his favorite cocktails. Make the gift even better by adding in some under the radar liquors that will really allow him to create some magic.

If he’s more of a beer guy and can get his hands on a keg, consider a custom beer tap to really elevate his bar set up.

DIY and Hobby Supplies

Does your man like to be more hands on? Is he the one who his buddies call when the faucet leaks, or flooring needs to be laid? Gifts for this guy are quite easy. A new wrench set, a stud finder (for the walls of course), or a laser level will make great gifts for the handyman.

If he has all the tools he could possibly need, consider giving an organizing station to help make all his go-to items easier to find in a pinch.

Hobbyists might not be as popular in this era of technology, however, there are plenty of dudes out there who like to tinker in their spare time. A woodworking or wood whittling kit is perfect for the guy who enjoys small details.

Are cars his thing? Secure a model kit with a version of his dream car and let him jack it up to his heart’s content. Be careful, this could become an obsession.

Whatever he’s into, he’ll surely appreciate the extra thought behind these gifts. 

Sports Memorabilia and Gear

Well, perhaps we’ve saved the best category for last – sports gifts for men. From customized framed prints from his favorite sporting events to signed jerseys and more, you’re sure to discover the perfect memento to help celebrate his passion.

Help him work on his golf game with an indoor putting mat and personalized golf balls. If he can’t make putts then, he may have to cancel that second career on the senior tour.

Was he at “the game?” That legendary event in a team’s storied and cherished history that lives on as the pinnacle of success? Perhaps Derek Jeter’s flip to Home Plate to secure the out, a historic play in New York Yankees’ history? Whatever it may be, framing it for him to hang on his wall as a centerpiece, a place of honor, will surely bring a tear to his eye.

While a man cave is the place he goes to escape, he’ll be so appreciative of the extra thought you put into helping make his relaxing space personal, meaningful, and fun. No matter the occasion, a gift for his man cave is something he’ll treasure every time he sees it while he’s enjoying his space.

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