Javaughn J. Porter: Wiki, Age, BlueFace Son, Birthday, Parents, Social Media, Net Worth

Javaughn J. Porter

Javaughn J. Porter, the son of the American rapper Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, shares a special bond with his high school sweetheart mom, Jaidyn Alexis. At just seven years old in 2024, he’s already made appearances in some of his dad’s music videos like “Dead Locs” and “Daddy”.

In a heartfelt interview back in 2019 with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Blueface opened up about spending quality time with his son since Jaidyn works long hours. He underlined his desire to be a good father figure and his determination to be a positive influence on Javaughn.

Javaughn and his father clearly have a close relationship, which is encouraging for Javaughn’s future. Known for his curiosity and intelligence, he is expected to succeed in life. Let’s delve deeper into what makes him such a remarkable kid!.

Who Is Javaughn J. Porter

Meet Javaughn J. Porter, the adorable son of legendary rapper Blueface. Born on sunny April 29, 2017 in tropical Los Angeles, California, he is a true California boy. Javaun’s background is as diverse as they come, with a mixture of African-American, Asian, white and Mexican heritage, adding to his undeniable charm but what’s the scoop on the life of this rising young star.

Javaughn J. Porter Wiki

Full NameJavaughn Johnathan Porter
Birthday28 April 2017
BirthplaceLos Angeles, CA, United States
Age7 Years old as of 2024
MomJaidyn Alexis
FatherJohnathan Michael Porter (BlueFace)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height50 inches
Weight52 Pounds
SiblingsJourney Alexis Porter (younger sister)
Net WorthAround $20K-$30K

Javaughn J. Porter Age & Birthday

Little Javaun J. Porter came into the world in 2017, right here in sunny Los Angeles, California, California. She beams with happiness on April 28 as she commemorates her unique day. She is now a lively 7-year-old in 2024, full of life and enthusiasm for the world around her.

Javaughn J. Porter Height

Javaughn measures up at 50 inches tall and tips the scales at around 24 kilograms. He’s quite the standout among his friends, towering over them just like the American rapper Jack Harlow, whose height often sparks conversations across the internet.

Javaughn J. Porter Life style

Javaun J., the adorable son of two of the biggest names in American hip-hop, Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis. Having covered the nitty-gritty details of his family life and pocket change, what about his daily routine?

At only five years old, Jawaun found his own little world full of activity. On weekdays you’ll catch him cruising the neighborhood on his bike, either with his folks or his cool aunt Kali Miller. And when he’s not at the wheel, he’s knee deep in coloring books, wooden puzzles and Legos for fun.

Some days, you can find her in the kitchen lending her mom a hand, baking a cupcake, or sharing a game of catch with dad in the backyard When it comes to food, it’s all about those classic comfort foods such as a slice of cheese sandwich, crispy french fries f. And when it comes to school, Blueface said they’ve resorted to homeschooling—an option that’s becoming more and more common among celebrity kids these days!

Javaughn J. Porter Parents

Meet Jaidyn Alexis, a stunning skin care product manager, and her partner Jonathan Jamal Porter who is known for his talent as a singer, rapper and songwriter.

Their son is a screaming image of his father and can even follow him in the height department. But how tall is Blueface’s son now? That’s the burning question we’ll get into next.

While we’re on the subject of Blueface’s family, let’s not forget about his adorable second kiddo with Instagram influencer Jaidyn Alexis. Enter Journey, who follows his mother, but if you look closely you’ll see his nose and the space under his eyes looks like his father’s face. And in case you missed it, this little delight joined the world in 2022.

Brothers and Sisters

Javon has a little sister, Journey Alexis Porter, who was born in the US. in 2022. Proud dad Blueface treated his Instagram followers to a sweet snapshot in April 2023, featuring an adorable baby in the photo between Javon and Journey who is busy sucking milk from his bottle while his big brother is creating a cool environment for the camera.

On the family front, Javon’s father also has a beautiful younger sister, Kali Miller. And besides Kali, there is an older brother in the mix, who is unfortunately serving a 13-year prison sentence for a tragic fatal accident.

Blueface A Disagreement

Rapper Blueface’s life hasn’t always been easy on the stage. He was taken into the Clark County Detention Center in November 2022 following a gunshot incident in Las Vegas.

Then on June 7, 2023, the road broke again when he was arrested for burglary, although he managed to get bail. Meanwhile, Jaidyn, who channels her frustration into a diss track, aims to shut down the haters, but gets tired of the whole process, especially how she treats her teacher.

In 2023, when Blueface uploaded a questionable video to X, he was asked if there was anything wrong with his baby. The reaction was swift, with many accusing him of being gay and sexist. Blueface later backtracked, saying his account had been hacked, and apologized for any offense he caused.

Adding to the drama is expecting his ex-girlfriend Chrissyne Rock, and the storyline intensifies on the Zeus Network’s “Crazy in Love” series. With her diss track featuring Lil Mabu, rumors about her love status abound. Do they act now, or is Chrisian still figuring out his relationship with Blueface? It’s a tangled web of crime and drama.

Javaughn J. Porter Music Video

From the beginning, Javaughn J. Porter expressed a keen interest in following his father’s musical journey. In 2018, when Blueface dropped “Dead Locks” as a tribute to his little boy, then just a few months old, he stole the show with a special cameo in the music video and their intimate relationship louder again in another “Bust Down Bless Up.” ” was made clear in the music video, where father and son had a conversation.

Their collaborations didn’t stop with music videos. They even did several radio interviews together, revealing their unique father-son relationship from the beginning. Apparently music runs deep in their family roots.

Javaughn J. Porter Net Worth

Javaun’s net worth as a child is estimated to be $30,000 by 2023. That pocket money probably provided him with candy and delicious toffee that he indulged in whenever he wanted and, as he grew older, with games his favorite toys treated him when he plays adolescence Tools will come. It’s all about enjoying life’s little pleasures.

Does Javaughn J. Porter Social Media

At just five years old, you won’t spot Javaughn J. Porter scrolling through Instagram or posting selfies. But don’t worry, his proud parents make sure to give us glimpses of his adorable moments every now and then on their own accounts. If you’re curious about what Javaughn’s up to, you can always catch up with Blueface’s updates.

With a dad like Blueface, Javaughn’s definitely got an exciting journey ahead of him. Who knows what the future holds for this little superstar in the making? Keep an eye out for him.

Recent Pursuits and Future Plans

There are many thrilling turns and turns in Javaughn J. Porter’s trip, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Lately, he’s been diving into __ and __, setting the stage for some remarkable achievements. But he’s not stopping there – Javaughn’s got big plans for __, showing that he’s always thinking ahead. Whatever comes his way, one thing’s for sure: Javaughn J. Porter is destined for greatness.

Javaughn J. Porter’s Parents Still in a Relationship?

Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface’s relationship wasn’t exactly low-key – right from the start, it caught everyone’s attention. Whether it was their rumored high school romance or the birth of Javaughn, their connection was always in the spotlight. But even with a child together, they often found themselves at odds.

Even after they finished high school, Blueface and Jaidyn’s relationship was a rollercoaster ride, never quite solidifying into marriage. The drama between them didn’t stop, even after Javaughn came into the picture in 2017. Their arguments spilled over onto social media more than once, keeping fans hooked on their every move.

One particularly messy incident in 2020 saw Jaidyn allegedly damaging Blueface’s property, including his car, after reportedly catching him with another woman. Blueface responded the next year, raising the stakes in the drama even higher. Their relationship kept failing in spite of efforts to mend it, which ultimately resulted in their breakup.

Since then, Blueface has moved on to new relationships, while Jaidyn has been devoted to parenting Javaughn. He’s often seen with Chrisean Rock, and their relationship, while committed, has its fair share of ups and downs.


  • Family Background: Javaughn J. Porter, born on April 28, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, is the son of American rapper Blueface (Johnathan Michael Porter) and Jaidyn Alexis.
  • Appearance: Standing at 50 inches tall and weighing around 52 pounds, Javaughn possesses a unique blend of African-American, Asian, white, and Mexican heritage.
  • Early Exposure to Music: From a young age, Javaughn showed an interest in music, making appearances in his father’s music videos like “Dead Locs” and “Daddy.”
  • Close Relationship with Father: Javaughn shares a close bond with his father, as evidenced by their collaborations in music videos and radio interviews, highlighting their unique father-son relationship.
  • Sibling and Family Dynamics: Javaughn has a younger sister named Journey Alexis Porter. Despite his parents’ tumultuous relationship, he remains a focal point in their lives.
  • Net Worth: As of 2023, Javaughn’s net worth is estimated to be around $30,000, allowing him to enjoy life’s little pleasures and potentially invest in his interests as he grows older.


Javaughn J. Porter, the son of rapper Blueface, has captured the public’s attention from a young age. With a diverse heritage and early exposure to the music industry, he embodies potential and promise. Despite his parents’ relationship challenges, Javaughn remains a beloved figure in their lives, surrounded by love and support.


Is Javaughn active on social media?

Javaughn, being just five years old, isn’t active on social media platforms like Instagram. However, his parents occasionally share glimpses of his life on their accounts.

What are Javaughn’s hobbies and interests?

At his young age, Javaughn enjoys activities like riding his bike, playing with toys such as coloring books and Legos, and spending time with his family.

What are Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis’ current relationship status?

Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis’ relationship has been tumultuous, marked by ups and downs. They are no longer together, with Blueface moving on to other relationships, while Jaidyn focuses on raising their children.

What are Javaughn’s future plans?

While it’s too early to predict, Javaughn’s supportive upbringing and early exposure to music suggest a potential interest in the industry. His future endeavors may include exploring his talents and pursuing his passions as he grows older.

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