Paula Abdul’s Net Worth Includes Her Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Relationship, Child, And Other Assets

Paula Abdul Net Worth


Paula Abdul should have a $30 million net worth by February 2024. Performance artist Abdul, an American, is well-known for her abilities in acting, dancing, choreography, singing, and songwriting.She also hosts television. When she joined the Los Angeles Lakers cheer squad at the age of eighteen, her career officially began. The Jacksons became interested in her when she later became well-known for being the lead choreographer for the Laker Girls.Since then, she’s risen to prominence in the entertainment industry and won praise from all around the world for being one of the best vocalists.

Paula Abdul Net Worth

Paula Abdul is a Californian dancer, singer, choreographer, performer, and producer who has earned $20 million in wealth. Over the course of her forty-year career, she has worked in a variety of capacities, from choreography to being well-known in the music business to eventually exploring reality television. Her professional path has been turbulent at times. Initially securing a spot on the Laker Girls’ cheerleading troupe through auditions, she swiftly ascended to the position of chief choreographer. Her collaboration with the Laker Girls paved the way for choreography opportunities across television, music videos, films, and tours, notably involving projects with the entire Jackson clan. Notably, she choreographed Janet Jackson’s “Control” tour, alongside contributing to sequences in films such as “Big”, “Coming to America”, “Jerry Maguire”, “American Beauty”, and “Can’t Buy Me Love”, among others.

Together with her Emmy-winning choreography, Abdul had a very successful musical career in the 1990s that included six number-one hits and a Grammy Award. She had a break from the spotlight before returning to television in the early 2000s as a savvily judge on “American Idol,” a position she held until 2009. She left the show as a result of a deadlock in negotiations on her pay, in which she wanted to increase her salary from $5–$8 million per year to an astounding $20 million.

Who is Paula Abdul?

In the midst of all the artistic activities, Paula Abdul—a performer, singer, dancer, choreographer, and actor—rose to fame after a court battle with British television personality Nigel Lythgoe, in which she accused him of impropriety related to their joint ventures.Abdul, hailing from a richly diverse background, achieved recognition as a discerning adjudicator on the widely acclaimed television program, American Idol. Originating from Brazil, she embarked on a journey to the United States, her resettlement facilitated by her Syrian immigrant roots.

Her encounter with the Jacksons during a Los Angeles Lakers game marked a pivotal moment in her burgeoning fame. Abdul’s trajectory into stardom commenced with her foray into cheerleading at the tender age of 18, leading to her pivotal role as one of the inaugural arbiters on American Idol’s inaugural season in 2002. Her tenure alongside Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell endured until 2009.

An illustrious milestone in Abdul’s musical odyssey was clinching the Grammy Award for Best Music Video for her track “Opposites Attract.” Further adorning her accolades are two People’s Choice Awards, two Emmys, and seven MTV Video Music Awards. A testament to her enduring legacy, she boasts a star on the revered Hollywood Walk of Fame, her substantial wealth a testament to her prodigious career.


Paula Abdul was born on June 19, 1962 in San Fernando, California to Lorraine M. Abdul and Harry Abdul. Both her parents are Jewish. His father was raised in Brazil wholater emigrated to the United States and her mother was a concert pianist. Paula has an older sister named Wendy.

Abdul married actor Emilio Estevez in 1992 but they got divorced him in 1994 on claim that Paula wanted children whereas Emilio, already a father of two from previous relationship, did not. 2 years later, in 1996, Paula and cloth designer Brad Beckerman tied a knot but the couple split up only after 17 months, citing irreconcilable differences.


Full NamePaula Julie Abdul
ProfessionSinger, dancer, choreographer, actress, television personality
GenresR&B, pop, dance, new jack swing
Years Active1978 – present
Age61 years
Date of BirthJune 19, 1962
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandEmilio Estevez (1992 – 1994), Brad Beckerman (1996 – 1998)
NationalityAmerican, Canadian
Height1.52 m
ParentsLorraine M. Abdul (mother), Harry Abdul (father)

Paula Abdul Age

61 years old June 19, 1962, was Paula Abdul’s birthday. Abdul, who was born in San Fernando, California, has had an amazing multi-decade career and had a lasting impact on the entertainment and music sectors.

By mesmerizing audiences with her performances and services to the profession, Abdul has consistently shown her enduring brilliance and adaptability over the years. She’s still a beloved icon, beloved for her continued presence and impact in the entertainment industry as well as her prior achievements.

Paula Abdul Height

At the lowly height of five feet two inches (157 cm), Paula Abdul was born on June 19, 1962, in the San Fernando, California, area. Even though she is not very famous, she has had a big impact on the entertainment industry.The question may arise regarding the maintenance of her physique, yet Abdul has consistently vocalized her dedication to embodying a wholesome lifestyle. Her unwavering commitment to physical fitness and habitual exercise has perpetuated her physical vigor across the expanse of her career.

Over the passage of time, Abdul’s body mass has experienced fluctuations, yet she has ardently advocated for the sustenance of a harmonious dietary regimen and the perpetuation of regular physical activity. Her candid discussions concerning struggles with corporeal perception underscore the significance of self-affirmation and fidelity to one’s authentic self.

Paula Abdul Career

Amidst a sporting event, Abdul garnered attention from select members of ‘The Jacksons’ whilst engaging in cheerleading activities, leading to an immediate proposition to oversee the choreography for their track, ‘Torture’, which subsequently achieved monumental success. Throughout the 1980s, numerous luminaries and vocalists solicited her services for choreographing their musical productions. She assumed the role of the designated choreographer for ‘The Jacksons’ during their ‘Victory’ tour.

In the year 1988, she unveiled her inaugural pop album, ‘Forever Your Girl’, propelling it to unprecedented heights on the Billboard charts. Three years thereafter, she unveiled her subsequent musical endeavor, ‘Spellbound’, which likewise ascended to become one of the highest-grossing albums of its era.

From 2002 to 2009, she graced television screens alongside Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson as the principal adjudicator on the popular American reality series conceived by Simon Fuller, ‘American Idol’.

In 2013, she assumed the role of a guest evaluator for the tenth season of the dance-oriented reality competition, ‘So, You Think You Can Dance?’, and took on the mantle of a judge for ‘X Factor Around The World’.

As of February 2024, Paula Abdul’s amassed a net worth estimated at $30 Million.

Paula Abdul Family

Harry Abdul and Lorraine M. Rykiss are the parents of Paula Abdul, whose real name is Paula Julie Abdul. Her mother is a concert pianist, while her father is a member of the Syrian Jewish community. With her sister Wendy at her side, Paula Abdul grew up. Paula began taking dance lessons when she was young because she had always loved dancing.

Paula Abdul Relationship

A surprising addition to the extensive list of celebrity marriages that many people might have forgotten about is the union of Emilio Estevez and Paula Abdul. When Abdul started dating Full House actor John Stamos in the early 1990s, their tale really got started.According to reports from People magazine, Estevez reached out to Abdul to express his admiration for her, initiating a series of occasional contacts over the following months to “keep in touch.” The two finally met face-to-face in New York City during Abdul’s world tour in 1991, after Estevez left a message at her hotel. Abdul recounted how Estevez would send flowers or letters to every city she visited, and they would have frequent phone conversations and meet up every few weekends. Their romance took off right away, and they became engaged in less than six months. Declaring his love for her and his intention to live a lifetime with her, Estevez proposed to Abdul. Abdul fondly remembered the moment, describing how she felt deeply touched by his heartfelt confession.

Paula Abdul Child

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  1. Current Net Worth: By February 2024, Paula Abdul’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million.
  1. Career Highlights: Abdul’s career spans over forty years, during which she excelled in various roles including dancing, choreography, singing, acting, and television hosting.
  1. Early Career: She began her career as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers, eventually becoming the chief choreographer.
  1. Choreography: Abdul’s choreography work expanded to music videos, films, and tours, including projects with the Jackson family and Janet Jackson’s “Control” tour.
  1. Music Career: In the 1990s, Abdul had a successful music career with six number-one hits and a Grammy Award.
  1. Television: She gained further fame as a judge on “American Idol” from 2002 to 2009, and later appeared as a guest evaluator on “So You Think You Can Dance” and as a judge on “X Factor Around The World.”
  1. Personal Life: Abdul has been married twice, first to Emilio Estevez from 1992 to 1994, and then to Brad Beckerman from 1996 to 1998.


Paula Abdul, a versatile performer and artist, has amassed a net worth of $30 million by February 2024. Her career began as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers and evolved into successful ventures in choreography, music, and television. Notable highlights include her choreography work for the Jackson family, her music career with multiple chart-topping hits, and her role as a judge on “American Idol.”


What is Paula Abdul’s current net worth?

Paula Abdul’s net worth as of February 2024 is estimated to be $30 million.

What are Paula Abdul’s notable career achievements?

Abdul has had a diverse career, excelling as a dancer, choreographer, singer, actress, and television personality. Highlights include her choreography work with the Jackson family, her successful music career in the 1990s, and her role as a judge on “American Idol.”

How did Paula Abdul’s career begin?

Abdul’s career began when she joined the Los Angeles Lakers cheer squad at the age of eighteen. She quickly rose to become the chief choreographer and later expanded her career into music, television, and film.

Has Paula Abdul been married?

Yes, Paula Abdul has been married twice. Her first marriage was to actor Emilio Estevez from 1992 to 1994, and her second marriage was to cloth designer Brad Beckerman from 1996 to 1998.

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