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Teresa Fidalgo


The legendary Teresa Fidalgo appears in a Portuguese movie whose trailer has gone viral. A circulating myth claims that she died in a car accident in Sintra, Portugal, in 1983. Fidalgo’s ghost is distinct from the other Internet ghost stories that are promoted.

Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

Teresa plays a legendary character in a Portuguese movie, the video of which went viral. Teresa is the primary character of a ghost story. There is a story on the Internet regarding her death in a car accident in 1983 in Sintra, Portugal. Following this occurrence, she starts posting terrifying comments on many social networking sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Two decades after the event, on July 12, 2003, the video was posted online and went viral very rapidly. It was eventually revealed that the scene was from a horror film. In 1983, there was an accident in the neighborhood that led many people to accept the narrative as fact.

Teresa Fidalgo Wiki

Full Real NameTeresa Fidalgo
Age (At Death)25 years
Date of Death1983
Cause of DeathCar Accident
Place of DeathSintra, Portugal
Hair ColourBlack
Hair LengthMedium
Height (approx.)– Feet Inches: 5′ 6″
– Metres: 1.70 m
– Centimetres: 170 cm
Weight (approx.)– Kilograms: 51-57 kg
– Pounds: 112-125 lbs
Eye ColorDark Brown

Teresa Fidalgo Education

Teresa Fidalgo’s educational history is still a little unclear. Although she has made a number of assertions regarding her schooling, her academic record has not been supported by any hard proof. While some sources guess differently, others claim she pursued studies in a certain subject. However, it’s difficult to give exact facts on Teresa’s scholastic experience without trustworthy information or direct confirmation from her.

Teresa Fidalgo Age

When Teresa Fidalgo died, she was 25 years old. Teresa, a hitchhiker, dies on the roadside in this short film. “A Curve,” a 2003 short film directed by David Rebordo, tells the story of a girl who has died away.

Teresa Fidalgo Height

Teresa Fidalgo stands at a height of around 168 cm, or 5 feet 6 inches. She is about medium height for a lady and has a modest frame.

Teresa Fidalgo Weight

I’m not really sure how much Teresa Fidalgo weighs. But don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions on Teresa Fidalgo or anything else!

Viral Story of Teresa Fidalgo

Three pals are shown in the widely shared video footage from 2003 driving in a desolate place in the dead of night. As they were discussing ghosts and spirits, they suddenly observed a stunning girl standing by the side of the road, clothed in a white gown. They decided to offer her a lift, so they drew up ahead of the female in question. They asked her why she was here at this late hour.

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She pointed out where the aim was, and at their insistence she settled into the car. The young men were chatting away aimlessly when she suddenly gets up and points to a place, saying that she passed her because of something that happened there. The car ran off the road and her face was slathered in blood as soon as the lads turned their focus to her.

What Is The Reality Of Teresa Fidalgo?

The story that went viral regarding the video is false, but the video itself is authentic. Teresa Fidalgo is a made-up character from the Portuguese short film “A Curva,” not a ghost. This proves that the tale that circulated about the video was a fraud, not the video itself. People in Portugal were uneasy before the movie was even released because of a video clip that went viral. “A Curva” was ultimately released in 2004 after filming for the film started in 2003.

In this production, which was directed by David Rebardao, Teresa Fidalgo was portrayed by the Portuguese actress Sara Cipriano. The film’s narrative revolved around a group of young people searching for a good location to make their movie when they came across a woman who appeared to be hiding something, according to information given by IMDb. The director of the picture claims that the events shown in it never happened.

Does Teresa Fidalgo’s Story Tell the Whole Story?

This is one of the Teresa Fidalgo hoaxes that circulates the most. Common sense tells us that there are a few issues with this scenario, chief among them being that a youthful ghost with paranormal skills would want to scare people online. Many individuals find it confusing to think that they or their mother might encounter a ghost and die as a result. This story is meaningless and completely false. Conversely, the writer Rebordo asserts that the story was made up.

The director told Channel TVI that he was astounded by the tale’s ongoing appeal and the audience’s faith in it, and that he is currently seeking funding for further scripted films.

Teresa Fidalgo Career

The career of Teresa Fidalgo is little unknown. The “Teresa Fidalgo story,” a widely shared fake on the internet that purported to be a ghost encounter, is what made her famous. But there isn’t any hard proof that Teresa Fidalgo is a real person or that she’s accomplished anything outside of this urban legend. It’s necessary to view such stories with scepticism and critical thought. If you’re interested in urban legends or online hoaxes, there’s lots of intriguing information to investigate.

Teresa Fidalgo Net Worth

Please feel free to ask any further questions you may have about Teresa Fidalgo’s net worth, as I am not privy to such information.

Teresa Fidalgo Viral Message on Social Media

Following the video clip, messages are also sent to people’s Facebook pages, email addresses, Instagram profiles, and Whatsapp accounts. According to the message, Teresa Fidalgo is sending this to 20 individuals. If you ignore it, awful things will happen, and she will spend eternity resting by your side. The warning doesn’t stop here, though, as it goes on to state that a daughter once disregarded it and had to deal with her mother’s death as a result.


  • Teresa Fidalgo gained notoriety as a character in a Portuguese movie trailer that went viral.
  • A widespread myth alleges that she perished in a car accident in Sintra, Portugal, in 1983, contributing to her ghostly legend.
  • Teresa Fidalgo’s fictional character became the centrepiece of an internet ghost story, with claims of her haunting social media platforms post-accident.
  • The viral video associated with Teresa Fidalgo emerged in 2003, creating a sensation online before its origins were revealed to be a scene from a horror film.
  • The short film “A Curva,” released in 2004, featured Teresa Fidalgo as a character portrayed by the actress Sara Cipriano.


Teresa Fidalgo is a legendary character enveloped in an internet ghost story fueled by a viral Portuguese movie trailer. Allegedly dying in a 1983 car accident in Sintra, Portugal, her mythos grew with chilling social media posts attributed to her. However, the reality behind Teresa Fidalgo reveals a fictional character from the horror film “A Curva,” challenging the authenticity of her ghostly narrative.


Is Teresa Fidalgo a real person?

No, Teresa Fidalgo is a fictional character portrayed in a Portuguese short film titled “A Curva.”

What is the origin of the Teresa Fidalgo myth?

The myth surrounding Teresa Fidalgo emerged from a viral video that circulated online in 2003, leading many to believe in her existence as a ghostly entity.

Was Teresa Fidalgo involved in a car accident?

No evidence supports the claim that Teresa Fidalgo was involved in a real car accident. The accident narrative is part of the fictional storyline associated with her character.

Who portrayed Teresa Fidalgo in the movie “A Curva”?

Teresa Fidalgo was portrayed by the Portuguese actress Sara Cipriano in the movie “A Curva.”

What is the significance of Teresa Fidalgo’s viral message on social media?

The viral message attributed to Teresa Fidalgo on social media platforms is part of the hoax surrounding her character, aiming to instil fear and perpetuate the myth.

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