Vampire Survivors-style PvE mode: is it coming in LoL?

Later this year, League of Legends will introduce a new game mode inspired by the Bullet Paradise genre. This announcement has sparked excitement within the gaming community and is expected to bring a fresh and unique gaming experience that is different from traditional games. Let’s delve deeper into what this means for players and our understanding of this interesting development in League of Legends game modes so far.

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Bullet heaven games flip the script on bullet hell games

Players are not avoiding enemy attacks, but firing a series of projectiles to destroy waves of resilient opponents. Vampire Survivor may not be the first game of this genre, but it undoubtedly increased its popularity and paved the way for many successors, including the upcoming League of Legends game mode.

League of Legends developer, Selina Liu, announced in a recent video update, “After dedicated months of development, we’re excited to reveal that we’re in the process of crafting our first bullet heaven survivor League of Legends PvE game mode. This new game mode will introduce a unique twist to the fundamental gameplay of League, offering a more relaxed experience compared to the Arena.”

Eduardo Cortejoso, another developer, expanded on the concept, “In this League of Legends new game mode, players can battle swarms of enemy’s solo or with companions. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling challenge or simply wish to unwind with friends, we’re aiming to make this a universally enjoyable experience.”

He further distinguished this new mode from previous League of Legends PvE modes, such as Odyssey: Extraction or Star Guardian, noting that it’ll be “significantly different.”

An early development screenshot of the new mode was shared, bearing a striking resemblance to Vampire Survivors.

While additional specifics on the new game mode, including its name, remain under wraps, the wait won’t be long. Cortejoso announced that the new mode will debut during the 2024 mid-year event, with more details to be shared in future developer updates. This intriguing addition to League of Legends game modes] promises an exciting expansion of gameplay options for players.



In conclusion, the announcement of a Vampire Survivors-style League of Legends PvE mode signals an exciting shift for the game. This League of Legends new game mode is expected to bring new versatility and enjoyment to hardcore and casual players. As the gaming industry awaits the mid year event of 2024, people’s expectations for a new member in the League of Legends universe who may change the rules of the game are increasing.

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