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Andrew Santino Wife


American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster Andrew Santino was born on October 16, 1983. He is well-known for his roles in movies and television shows, including Beef and Dave, The Disaster Artist, Mixology, I’m Dying Up Here, and Sin City Saints.

Andrew Santino Wife

In his romantic life, Andrew Santino got married. Additionally, he made no indication as to the name or identity of his wife. decide to keep their romance a secret. Danielle Brooks, the spouse of Andrew Santino, married in the middle of 2019. Fans of Andrew were startled to learn that he was getting married, especially the ladies. did, they were unaware that Andrew was part of a committed partnership. 

After dating for a while, Andrew Santino and Danielle were prepared to make the huge decision to tie the knot! Before getting married, they dated for a while, and they were prepared to make the big move! Andrew Santino is happily married to Danielle Brooks, with whom he shares a wonderful home. After her baby Freya was born, she got engaged to her longtime lover, Dennis. The actress disclosed her pregnancy on Instagram. She uploaded images from the trip and expressed concern about starting a family due to her rigorous job schedule.

September 17, 1989, saw the birth of well-known actress and singer Danielle Brooks in Georgia, USA. She gained fame for her role as “Leota Adebayo” in the TV show “Peacemaker.” In 2011, she began her career. a TV actress who is most likely Tasha. She is most renowned in the world for portraying Testy Jefferson. 

It was at Paraniel that Denise and Danielle initially got together. They are Freya Carel Jeline’s parents. Danielle and a friend hosted a party where Denise first met Danielle. Like his parents, he and his wife were together at work most of the time.

Who is Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino is one of those comedians who is naturally funny, you know? You can’t help but laugh, whether he’s on stage or on TV. His jokes are really relevant, and his delivery is right on. I watched him play live once, and I was in stitches throughout!

But what I admire most about Andrew Santino is his courage. He isn’t hesitant to tackle difficult topics and make jokes about situations that others might ignore. And he does it all with such charm and charisma that you cannot help but admire him.

Have you seen him in movies or TV shows? He has a talent for grabbing the show with his hilarious timing and captivating charisma. Every moment he appears on film, you know you are in for a fantastic time.

Overall, Andrew Santino is a truly humorous person who understands how to make others laugh. Whether you see him live or on TV, he’ll make your day and leave you laughing.

Andrew Santino Wiki

NameAndrew Santino
Birth DateOctober 16, 1983
Known ForStand-up comedy, acting, and podcasting
Notable WorksBeef and Dave, The Disaster Artist, Mixology, I’m Dying Up Here, Sin City Saints
WifeDanielle Brooks (married around 2019)
ChildrenPossibly two daughters (unconfirmed)
EducationNaperville North High School, Arizona State University
Age39 (as of 2023)
Height & Weight6 feet, 1 inch, 73 kg
Personal LifeMarried to Danielle Brooks or Sarah Bolger (unclear), possible parent (unconfirmed)
Net Worth$6 million (as of 2023)
Social Media
YouTubeAndrew Santino

Does Andrew Santino have kids?

The comedian has not revealed whether he is a parent. In a 2019 Tiger Belly podcast, he spoke candidly about his worry about becoming a father, adding that having children is a major transition. Before considering having a kid, he started being financially prepared, possessing a safe car, and living in a safe environment.

Andrew Santino Education

Andrew Santino grew up in Chicago’s River North area and is of Italian and Irish origin. He was raised by a single mother and lived in Section 8 housing. Andrew Santino graduated from Naperville North High School in 2002 and later attended Arizona State University.

Andrew Santino Age

Andrew Santino is now 39 years old. Born on October 16, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, the gifted actor has captivated audiences for years with his performances.

Andrew Santino Height & Weight

Andrew Santino stands 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 73 kg. His powerful figure, which includes average biceps, demonstrates a commitment to exercise. Santino prefers lifting hefty weights, which demonstrates his dedication to workout, whether at home or in the gym. Despite keeping his workout routine discreet, his athletic physique screams plenty.

Andrew Santino Personal Life

According to some stories, he is married to Danielle Brooks, however, other unofficial sources say he is married to Sarah Bolger.  It’s unknown whether they’re parents, but there are allegations that they’re keeping their two daughters out of the spotlight. 

Despite comprehending the significant commitment and lifestyle adjustments that fatherhood would entail, Santino has not publicly acknowledged being a parent.

Andrew Santino Gay

By sharing heartfelt comments on Instagram, Andrew Santino, who co-hosts the “Bad Friends” podcast with Bobby Lee, sparked suspicions about a potential romance. Though there have been speculations regarding Santino’s sexual orientation, he has neither addressed nor verified them. Similar to his marital status, Santino’s sexual orientation is not publicly known. Supporters and spectators ought to be kind and uphold people’s right to privacy.

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Andrew Santino: Comedy Chameleon for the Ages

Few performers are as adept at transitioning between stand-up venues, TV/movie sets, and recording studios as Andrew Santino. The combination of his charming boldness, humility, and acting prowess has solidified his status as a comedic Renaissance man for the twenty-first century.

Andrew Santino has left a trail of smiles and laughter behind with his iconic movie appearances, moment-stealing television performances, fully booked national stand-up tours, and successful podcasting endeavours. His genuine acting style and perceptive perception are crucial.

All of Andrew Santino’s creative works are incredibly relatable, which guarantees that his material will appeal to a wide range of audiences. Combining self-satire with social critique, Santino continues to be a cultural watchdog and the epitome of the class clown.

The decade of the 2010s is pointing to even more fame and money for this podcasting pioneer, who has established himself nationwide throughout the decade. But regardless of how much success he achieves, Andrew Santino’s sincere and modest humour assures viewers that he will never tire of amusing them. 

Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger

Though they have been spotted together a lot, Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger are not married. They are both unmarried. They were there at the Directors Guild of America for the FXX premiere of “Dave.” Images of them wearing identical clothes and holding hands provide a sense of harmony. Fans cherished their conversation.

Sarah looked stunning in a knee-length glittery black dress, while Andrew Santino looked casual in trousers and a black shirt with a blueprint design. Her unstyled hair looked great with the ensemble. They may look gorgeous, but they’re not serious. Sarah went to promote the 2020 television series that her friends were producing.

Andrew Santino Family

Andrew Santino grew up in Chicago, facing problems after his father departed when he was a child. Life as a single mother was difficult, and she worked many jobs to maintain her children. Despite the obstacles, Andrew Santino’s familial experience inspired his tenacity, inspiring him to pursue a successful career in comedy and the arts.

Andrew Santino Career

In Chicago, stand-up comedy started to take centre stage in the mid-2000s for Andrew Santino’s career. He gained fame fast because of his perceptive insights and approachable comedy, which led to appearances on shows like “Conan” and “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

His breakthrough came with a recurring part in “I’m Dying Up Here,” which showcased his acting abilities. He expanded his audience by engaging in open chats on “Whiskey Ginger,” a podcast. 

Andrew Santino’s explosive performances and distinctive voice gained him opportunities in TV series such as “Dave” and animated shows. His humorous abilities, as seen in specials such as “Home Field Advantage” and “Red Rocket,” connect with audiences, cementing his status as a dynamic performer.

Andrew Santino Net Worth

Andrew Santino’s success in a variety of entertainment industries is reflected in his projected $6 million net worth as of 2024. His income comes mostly from live comedic performances, to which merchandising and ticket sales make a significant contribution. His financial situation has improved in addition to receiving critical recognition for his acting appearances in films and TV series like “Dave.” 

He makes more money from podcasting, especially from his well-liked program “Whiskey Ginger,” where he has significant sponsorship arrangements. Santino’s net worth increased dramatically from $70,000 in 2022 to $6 million in 2024, demonstrating the influence of his varied profession and wise financial choices. The breakdown of his net wealth is shown in the straightforward table below:

Source of IncomeAmount
Live PerformancesSubstantial
Acting (TV and Movies)Significant
PodcastingLucrative Sponsorships
Total Net Worth (2023)$6 Million

Andrew Santino Social Media

Andrew Santino stays involved in a number of social media networks. Under the username “cheetosantino,” Santino provides his fans with views into both his personal and work lives on Instagram. Under the handle “ANDREW SANTINO,” he uses Twitter as a way to interact with followers and provide brief updates. 

Santino’s “Andrew Santino” YouTube account has a range of videos, including snippets from his podcast episodes and stand-up routines. The social media profiles of Andrew Santino are summarised in the table below:

YouTubeAndrew Santino


  1. Marriage: Andrew Santino got married to his wife, Danielle Brooks, around the middle of 2019.
  1. Secrecy: Initially, Santino made no indication of the identity of his wife, keeping their relationship private.
  1. Public Reveal: Fans were surprised to learn about Santino’s marriage, especially as he had kept his romantic life under wraps.
  1. Relationship: Before tying the knot, Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks dated for a while, indicating a committed partnership.
  1. Children: It is uncertain whether Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks have children, with rumours suggesting they may have two daughters, but this remains unconfirmed.


Andrew Santino married Danielle Brooks in 2019 after keeping their relationship private. Their romance surprised fans, as Santino had not publicly revealed much about his personal life. They dated for a period before deciding to get married, indicating a strong and committed partnership. While rumours suggest they may have two daughters, this information is not confirmed.


When did Andrew Santino get married?

Andrew Santino married Danielle Brooks around the middle of 2019.

How did Andrew Santino meet his wife?

The exact details of how Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks met are not publicly known.

Are Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks parents?

While rumours suggest they may have two daughters, Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks have not confirmed if they are parents.

Did Andrew Santino keep his marriage a secret?

Initially, Andrew Santino did not reveal the identity of his wife, choosing to keep their relationship private.

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