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Who is Connor Bird?

Larry Bird, the iconic basketball legend, is the proud father of Connor Bird, a well-known American personality recognized mostly for being Larry’s son.

Connor has been under the public eye since his early years as a child celebrity, and unfortunately, his involvement in some illicit activities has kept him in the media spotlight, leading to several arrests.

Born on this day in 1992, Connor Bird will be turning 29 in the year 2021. Despite his notoriety, he has maintained a low profile, making only occasional public appearances. Consequently, there is limited information available about his life.

Larry Bird and his wife Dinah have expanded their family by adopting Connor, and his younger sisters, Mariah Bird and Corrie Bird, complete the family circle. Although Connor’s public image may suggest a troubled life, it’s possible that his relationships with his brothers and sisters are positive.

Unfortunately, there’s a lack of details about Connor’s educational background or childhood experiences, as he has chosen to keep these aspects of his life private. It remains a mystery, leaving room for speculation about the untold chapters of his life.

Connor Bird Bio

Connor was born in 1992 and was adopted by the former small forward Larry Bird and his wife Dinah. There’s a chance he might have been a student at Indiana University at some point.

Growing up, he spent a chunk of his childhood in Naples, Florida, especially after his father’s time with the Celtics came to an end. During their time in Florida, Connor and his dad bonded over watching Miami Heat games on many evenings.


Full NameLarry Joe Bird
BirthdayDecember 7, 1956
BirthplaceWest Baden, Indiana
ParentsGeorgia Bird and Claude Joseph “Joe” Bird
SiblingsEddie Bird, Jeff Bird, Linda Bird Campbell, Mark Bird, Mike Bird
Listed Height6 feet 9 inches
Listed Weight220 pounds
High SchoolSprings Valley High School (French Lick, Indiana)
CollegeIndiana State University (1976-1979)
NBA DraftRound 1, Pick No. 7 in the 1978 NBA Draft
NBA TeamBoston Celtics
NBA PositionSmall forward/power forward
NBA NumberNo. 33
NBA Playing Career1979-1992
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseDinah Mattingly (since 1989); previously Janet Condra (since 1975)
ChildrenCorrie Bird (born 1977), Mariah Bird (born 1991), Connor Bird (born 1992)

Larry Bird Height And Weight 

With a height of 6 feet 9 inches, Larry Bird had an incredible basketball career. In his senior year at Springs Valley High School, he was not just a commanding figure on the court; in addition, he was a gifted player who used the game as a vent for personal problems. His game average of 31 points, 21 rebounds, and 4 assists was just amazing. That he went on to become the school’s all-time leading scorer makes sense.

As time moved on, Bird not only played on the court but also stepped into coaching with the Indiana Pacers. And boy, did success come knocking pretty swiftly! Just three years into coaching, he snagged the Coach of the Year award. But his impact didn’t stop there. He later shifted gears to the front office as an executive for the Pacers. And guess what? He guided the team to shine brightly in the East, earning himself the prestigious title of Executive of the Year in 2012. Quite the journey for this basketball legend, wouldn’t you say?

Larry Bird Children

Larry and his wife have two adopted children, Mariah and Connor, who are carving their own paths in life. Additionally, Larry has a daughter named Corrie from his previous relationship with Janet Condra Hargrave, following which Janet had a union with Mr. Hargrave and they welcomed a half-sister for Corrie named Mandy.

Corrie, Larry’s only biological child, entered the world during his brief time with Janet Condra Hargrave, as reported by Briefly. Being the daughter of a basketball legend like Larry, Corrie grew up in the public eye, primarily raised by her mother, and has been navigating life under the spotlight ever since.

Connor Bird Parents

Larry Bird, the Indiana Pacers’ special advisor, and Dinah Mattingly tied the knot back in October 1989 after meeting at Indiana State University.

Although they didn’t have biological children of their own, Larry and Dinah chose to grow their family through adoption, welcoming Connor and Mariah into their lives.

Standing tall at six feet nine inches, the legendary small forward has kept the identity of his children’s biological parents under wraps. Connor was just a little toddler when his dad was off winning an Olympic gold medal in Barcelona back in 1992.

Connor Bird Siblings

Connor’s siblings, Mariah Bird and Corrie Bird, along with a half-sister named Corrie, make up his family circle. Mariah, last known, was making waves as a real estate agent and manager, overlooking Event Activations and Venues.

She kicked off her career journey as an intern at PS&E after earning her degree with honors in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management from Indiana University Bloomington. Her hard work led her to a role as an event and special projects coordinator at PS&E.

Corrie, Connor’s half-sister, had a bit of a tumultuous start. Larry’s lawyers requested a paternity test when she was born, and it wasn’t until she was a toddler that it was confirmed she was indeed Larry’s child. Sadly, their relationship had been distant, with Larry not being a constant presence in her life, a decision he deeply regrets even today.

During those times, Larry was dating Dinah and struggled to be involved in Corrie’s life, a choice that weighs heavily on him. Eventually, despite having little contact, he made efforts to support his daughter financially, but the emotional connection remained strained. It’s a part of his past that continues to haunt him.

Connor Bird’s Father, Larry Bird

Larry Bird’s roots trace back to West Baden Springs, Indiana, born to Georgia and Claude Joseph “Joe” Bird, a Korean War veteran. Connor’s adoptive grandparents carried a diverse heritage, blending Irish, Scottish, and Native American ancestry from both sides of their family tree.

Larry has spoken openly about his upbringing, mentioning that growing up in poverty continues to be a driving force behind his motivation even now. Unfortunately, the family history bears some sorrow as well. Joe, Connor’s grandfather, tragically took his own life not long after divorcing Georgia.

Connor Bird Had Troubles With The Law In 2013

While Connor usually flies under the celebrity radar, there was a time in February 2013 when he found himself in the media spotlight, and not for the best reasons.

At the age of 21, the son of NBA legend Larry Bird made headlines when he had a less-than-amicable encounter with law enforcement at Indiana University. He was arrested in Bloomington after allegedly attempting to run over a former girlfriend with his Dodge Charger in the parking lot of Indiana Memorial Stadium.

The potential charges hanging over him included serious offenses like battery with injury, criminal mischief, intimidation with a deadly weapon, and even marijuana possession, as shared by University Police Chief Keith Cash.

In the end, Connor faced three misdemeanor charges: criminal recklessness with a vehicle, possession of a small amount of marijuana, and battery for reportedly hitting his ex-girlfriend’s wrist with a cell phone during a heated argument in his car on campus. The altercation escalated when, after the argument, Connor allegedly tried to hit her with his car as she exited to walk home.

The drama continued as Connor and his ex-girlfriend had another heated exchange in a parking lot, where she decided to walk back home. It’s a chapter in Connor’s life that brought him into the public eye, albeit for less than favorable reasons.

Larry Bird: Personal life

Larry Bird’s personal life has seen its share of ups and downs. He was briefly married to Janet Condra, and during that time, they welcomed their daughter, Corrie, into the world in 1977. Later on, in 1989, Larry tied the knot with Dinah Mattingly, and together they chose to expand their family through adoption, bringing Connor and Marriah into their lives.

On the court, Bird’s fiery competitiveness occasionally led to controversial moments. There were instances where he engaged in heated verbal exchanges with coaches and players from opposing teams, and some reports even mentioned instances where he was accused of using offensive language during games. One notable incident made headlines when he got into a verbal confrontation with a coach from the Chicago Bulls.

While his passion for the game was undeniable, these confrontations drew attention for the wrong reasons, showcasing a side of Bird that contrasted with his legendary skills on the court.


When Larry Bird caught the eye of Indiana University while playing in school, they offered him a scholarship and a chance to join their team. He accepted the offer but didn’t quite fit in with the student culture there, leading him to drop out. His path then led him to Indiana State University in Terre Haute, where he found his stride playing for the Sycamores.

The highlight came when his team made it to the NCAA tournament, and despite their loss in the championship, Bird earned the Player of the Year title. In 1978, he faced a major decision when the Boston Celtics wanted him to join their team, but he opted to finish his final season with Indiana State.

While leading the Sycamores, Bird steered the team to the NCAA title game. He also had a bit of a contract dispute with Arnold Jacob Red Auerbach. Initially declining the offered amount, Bird aimed for a higher figure. Eventually, he signed a contract worth $3.25 million, a deal that not only changed his career but also brought about a significant shift in the NBA selection process. The “Bird Collegiate Rule” became a mandatory guideline for all players, marking a pivotal moment in NBA history.

Career highlight

After grappling with a persistent heel injury, Larry Bird had to take a break from the game for quite a while. Finally, in 1989, he made a triumphant comeback, but unfortunately, his health troubles resurfaced. However, amidst these challenges, he showcased his prowess by playing for the United States Basketball team and snagging a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona, Spain.

His retirement was officially announced on August 18, 1992, marking the end of an illustrious NBA career. But retirement didn’t signal the end of his impact in basketball.

Transitioning to a different role, Bird served as a special assistant in the team’s front office from 1992 to 1997. His coaching journey kicked off with a three-year contract with the Indiana Pacers, where he made history by guiding the team to a remarkable 58-24 record. His coaching prowess led to a dual victory, clinching both the NBA Coach of the Year and being the only coach to have won the MVP award.

Under his leadership, the Pacers continued to shine, securing back-to-back Central Division titles in 1999 and 2000, delivering exceptional performances. In 2003, Bird took on the role of president of basketball operations for the Pacers, showcasing his expertise off the court. This dedication didn’t go unnoticed, as he was honored with the NBA Executive of the Year.

His journey in basketball administration concluded in May 2017 when he began his advisory role and retired from NBA operations. Throughout his career, Larry Bird not only left a lasting impact on the court but also accumulated an estimated net worth of $75 million.

Net Worth

Connor Bird, being a celebrity kid, is often associated with a life of luxury, although specifics about his occupation remain elusive. Some estimates suggest his net worth might exceed $1 million, largely stemming from his father’s wealth passed down to him.

Larry Bird, his father, has built a substantial fortune estimated at around $75 million, earned through his multifaceted engagements across various industries. Known as one of the most accomplished players and coaches in basketball history, Larry used to rake in over $3 million annually at the peak of his career.

Their lifestyle reflects their success, with properties across the United States valued between $1 million to $2 million in today’s market. Currently residing in Florida, the Birds continue to enjoy a luxurious way of life.

Relationship Status

As of now, it seems like Connor Bird is leading a more private life without much detail about his current relationships, suggesting he might be single. Unfortunately, he faced some legal troubles in the past, notably an incident in 2013 involving an assault on his girlfriend during a phone call, resulting in her sustaining a wrist injury.

Additionally, Connor had a run-in with the law in 2018 for underage drinking and disruptive behavior, leading to a prison sentence. There have been other charges related to drug offenses in a similar vein, marking a tumultuous chapter in his life.

Parent’s Love Story

Larry Mattingly and Dinah Mattingly share a beautiful life together. They tied the knot in 1989 and opened their hearts to adopt two wonderful children, Connor and Mariah Bird, as a couple.

Before this marriage, Larry had two children with Janet Condra during a previous chapter in his life. They embarked on a short journey together, eventually arriving at the decision to get married in 1975. Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted a year, and their daughter, Corrie Bird, remains their only child from that union.


In 2013, there was a publicized incident involving Connor Bird and his ex-girlfriend. It was reported that he chased her in his car, which led to his arrest.

Following the incident, he publicly apologized to his ex-girlfriend for what had happened.

Since then, Connor has intentionally stepped away from the media glare, seeking privacy and a chance to rebuild away from the spotlight. He’s been channeling his energy into personal growth, dedicating time to work on himself and make positive changes.


Connor Bird, son of basketball legend Larry Bird, exists in the limelight as much for his lineage as for his desire to remain elusive. Born in 1992 and adopted by Larry and Dinah Mattingly, Connor’s life, beyond sporadic public appearances, remains largely shrouded in mystery. Despite this, his encounters with the law in 2013 and subsequent incidents have briefly pulled him into the public eye. Embracing privacy, he has sought personal growth away from the media’s glare.

Facts about Connor Bird:

  1. Birth and Family: Born in 1992, Connor was adopted by Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly. He has two siblings, Mariah and Corrie, and his childhood remains largely undisclosed.
  2. Education and Background: Details about his educational journey or personal life before and after the incidents involving the law are scarce.
  3. Legal Issues: Connor faced legal trouble in 2013 after an altercation with his ex-girlfriend, resulting in his arrest and subsequent misdemeanor charges.
  4. Privacy and Low Profile: Since the controversies, Connor has intentionally maintained a low profile, aiming for personal growth and privacy away from public scrutiny.


What is Connor Bird known for?

 Connor Bird, primarily recognized as the son of NBA icon Larry Bird, gained some attention due to incidents involving the law in 2013. However, he generally maintains a low profile.

What happened in Connor Bird’s 2013 incident? 

In 2013, Connor faced legal issues after a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend, which led to his arrest. He faced misdemeanor charges related to reckless driving, marijuana possession, and battery.

What is Connor Bird doing now?

 Connor Bird has deliberately distanced himself from public attention and endeavors to lead a private life. Specifics about his current activities or career are not publicly available.

Is Connor Bird involved in his father’s basketball legacy? 

There’s no public information indicating Connor’s active involvement in his father’s basketball legacy. He seems to prioritize privacy and personal growth outside of the public sphere.

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